We have sold our conscience for peanuts, now our CHAN Eagles have no place to call home!

Now this worries me. You have a ready made host, a man willing to drop his cash and host, yet you are out there toasting and begging the Kano state governor who has shown no willingness to host. We heard from a very reliable source, that the letter from the NFF is yet to get to the governor who has been out of town for sometime now.

We hear too that the Kaduna Stadium is undergoing renovation and suddenly, someone is suggesting Katsina.

Why are we like this. The whole reason behind getting a state governor to host is understandable, yes we know the booties that are there to share but when are we going to change? Why must we as a Nation allow our personal interest destroy our National objectives? The truth is, the signs are not too good. The team selection bleeds of sentiments, the selection of a venue, too smells of sentiments and you begin to wonder why all this is happening.

We have lost our football, we have lost those men who do things in the past for National interest. It is a shame this time because the stadium in Abuja is more like a farm so where do we go from here?

We are doomed as a Nation, the fans and the media must rise up to reclaim our destiny because the signs are obviously not very good.

Nigeria sports Minister Solomon Dalung must ask questions now before it is to late. Up there, they are saying is it not Benin or Togo? Even if we don’t train, we will trash them silly but they have forgotten too that Nigeria has lost its place among giants, we are chickens.

Some persons are toying with our joy, enough is enough. The NFF must tell us where our Super Eagles will converge, if Kano is not available, then tell us your next plan. We understand you are proposing 20M naira to any willing host to get the match but you know that that is chicken feed for the number one promoter of football in Nigeria Chief Patrick Ifeanyi Ubah.

He has a forgiving heart, he holds nothing against anybody, not even against those who detained him unjustly. He is ready to host the team and the family again, he has done it in the past and can do even better now. Come and experience the warmth of Be with, come and experience the love from the Anambra people, come and see undiluted football supportership, come and be entertained at the home of football. Welcome to the FORTRESS.

All we are saying as a Nation, therefore, is save our football from another impending disaster, get the players to camp early or face the wrath of the Nigerians if the home-based Eagles fail to qualifier for Kenya 2018.

This silence from the NFF is not good and cannot fold our hand and pretend as if all is well when it is not. Enough is enough.

By Adewale Ajayi

26 thoughts on “We have sold our conscience for peanuts, now our CHAN Eagles have no place to call home!”

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